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Sage the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Coffee Machine

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A great tasting espresso or cappuccino is about the right balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness. This is achieved at 93ºC, but texturing milk requires much hotter temperatures. Extreme bitterness is a risk if your machine doesn't manage to cool itself down between texturing and your next espresso shot. The Duo-Temp Pro ensures this never happens for the perfect cup of coffee every time. By purging cold water though the heating system, the Duo-Temp Pro is able to perform optimal coffee extraction. This combination of low pressure pre-infusion and temperature control ensures balanced flavors in your cup. Key features: Hot Water function dispenses hot water from steam wand spout for Americanos & pre-heating cups Cup warming tray to help maintain the espresso's optimal temperature Concealed storage tray to house accessories Removable drip tray with 'empty me' indicator to prevent water overflow RAZOR Dose Trimming Tool: Patented blade trims down the puck to the right level for consistent extraction Commercial style steam wand with 360 swivel action for effortless milk texturing *BPA Free - All parts that come into contact with coffee & water Included accessories: Razor™ Precision dose trimming tool 54mm stainless steel portafilter with commercial style spouts 4 units of 54mm filter baskets Integrated removable tamper 16 fl.oz (480ml) stainless steel milk jug Cleaning tools: cleaning tablets, silicon cleaning disc, and Allen key Water filter holder & replaceable water filter to reduce impurities and scale build-up  

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dimensions H33 x W26 x D30cm
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