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Dualit DCM2X Coffee System and Jug Polished Steel

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Create your ideal breakfast coffee, teatime perk-up brew or after-dinner beverage quicker than ever with the easy-to-use Dualit DCM2X Coffee System and jug. This 3-in-1 coffee system will take ESE pods, ground coffee and NX capsules to make the coffee that suits you, prepared in the most convenient way for you. In hardwearing cast aluminium, this Dualit machine offers a clean, sophisticated presence in your kitchen. It hosts a professional filter holder to ensure your coffee is creamy and delicious, and takes ground coffee in one or two serving sizes, or Easy Serve Espresso pods for complete ease of use. A generous 1.5L capacity water tank ensures you won't have to refill as often when making drinks - and as it is removable, even when you do have to refill it is perfectly easy and convenient. Arriving with a milk jug, the Coffee System hosts a foolproof milk froth nozzle designed to let you create perfect froth every time and craft deliciously creamy drinks with minimal effort. The handy 15 bar pressure pump ensures the machine works swiftly, while a Thermobloc heating system heats water on demand. Even while steaming, this machine ensures your coffee is always delicious: the automatic purge function cools from steaming to the optimum temperature for coffee, giving you the perfect cup. And you can keep your mugs and cups at the optimum temperature too, with the non-slip cup warmer, while letting the drip tray take care of any spillages. Non-slip mat on drip tray Responsive 15 bar pressure pump Ultra-fast Thermobloc system for hot water on demand Convenient 1.5L removable water tank Foolproof froth nozzle for the perfect cappuccino foam Partial cast aluminium body Extra cup height clearance allows you to use your favourite mugs Cup/mug warming plate Simple mechanical interface Pop-up ‘drip tray full' indicator Four coffee options: single serve and dual serve for ground coffee, Easy Serve Espresso pods or NX capsules for effortless use

dimensions H33 x W20.7 x D28.4cm
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