Orange Themes

Orange needn’t be overpowering; use it carefully and it can be invigorating, warm and optimistic.


Once you’ve created your own colour scheme you can add products to it to create your own virtual room; save the things you like in one place and see how all they all go together.


Orange and Blue Living Room
Orange and Blue Living Room

This room demonstrates perfectly the use of orange as a accent colour. The blue walls and grey sofa create a perfect backdrop to the orange accessories.

Orange and Pink Office
Orange, Fuchsia and Blue Office

Wake yourself up and create a positive, uplifting working from home space. You'll never see work in the same way again.

Orange and White Bathroom
Orange and Grey Bathroom

The lovely orange vinyl floor in this bathroom transforms it; from a simple classic bathroom into a unique, energising room.

Orange and White Bedroom
Coral and White Bedroom

This beautiful room utilises a strong coral colour but balances it with white furniture and woodwork, making it clean, uplifting and liveable.

Orange, Black and White Bedroom
Orange, Black and White Bedroom

This bold bedroom utilises three colours to create a dramatic and uplifting effect.

Orange Dining Room
Orange and Pine Dining Room

Mix a bold orange with old pine and white and create a bright and warm dining room.